How To Keep Kids Entertained at Home

Kids want to be fun and playful

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One thing I have learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic, is that being at home isn’t boring at all. It taught us not to be cooped up of self-isolation and social distancing. COVID-19 year was a hardest time for everyone but especially kids because they still want to be fun and playful. What if I tell you that with the little effort, you can create fun and playful environment for your cute little one.

Juggling work and babysitting at home is a challenging part of motherhood. Having options to keep your kids occupied but entertained is the key. That’s why I’ve brought together 12 activities to help you. Keep in mind that other activities may require you to model or supervise your baby till they are independently.


Drawing and Colouring

This is an interesting activity for toddlers as they start to develop interest in holding pens and crayons. Just encourage them to draw! You can buy them the drawing book, and you can purchase the colouring books.

Make a dollhouse

It is a super interesting activity for girls toddler, but boys do enjoy dollhouse creation too. This activity may require you to be present until he/she is independent. You can buy ready-to-build dollhouse, or use a cardboard to DIY it.

Blow Bubbles

Try to engage your baby in blowing bubbles just for fun. He/she can chase the bubble around trying to pop them up. This is also an awesome activity to activate the strength in the tongue to produce sounds.

Do a puzzle

Puzzle activity does not only help your child to have fun, but it can also develop the memory skill and their ability to solve problems. You can choose from Wooden puzzle with knobs or Chunky wooden puzzle.

Have indoor or outdoor picnic

It may depend on the number of cuties you have at home to plan a fun and enjoyable picnic. Picnic is nice with 2 or more toddlers, you can join them as a parent if you want to. If you have 1 toddler, you can consider inviting neighborhood toddler. Make sure you engage them in the preparation of the picnic. You can prepare food, and bring some games to keep them busy.

Train a pet

If you have a pet at home, that’s great! If your babies love pets, you can consider getting them it. Once he/she has pet you can start introducing pet training activities. You can teach your baby ways to feed and wash a pet, and they can learn how to play fetch with them. When it’s a vet day, take your baby with you and explain to them the importance of the vet visitation.

Ask them to pick up stuff

You can have different boxes in the playroom, and ask them to pick up stuff after they are done playing. This will not only keep them busy but it teaches them responsibility.

Let them help you

Giving toddlers chores or allowing them to help you around, make them feel super special and empowered. They can help you with uploading the dishwasher or washing machine, feeding pet, preparing dinner, watering plants, sweeping floor, and packing laundry. At this stage toddler are very active little beings, so never disappoint them!

Encourage and support outdoor play

You already know that kids spend almost 90% of time screening than playing outside. As a parent you do not want your baby to lack independence, compassion that he/she would have experience outside.

Grow a garden

Gardening is a healthy, fun activity for children, says BetterHealth. This means kids enjoy and love doing gardening. As a parent make sure that a garden is a safe place, and get suitable tools for toddlers to use. Kids can water a garden, pick flowers, and planting vegetable and fruits (under your supervision).

Socks Matching

Maybe they’ve got lot of socks, after laundry ask them to play a socks matching game. They can sort them into colors, and find matching parts after.

Ask them to clean/ wash their toys

Toddlers normal keep lot of toys. You can keep them busy by asking them if they would love to wash their toys. All you need is a huge container with bubbly water. You can use bubble bath, or dishwasher liquid to create bubbles. The more the bubbles, the funnier it is. Make sure that you put some cloth for them to use when washing toys.

How do you keep your toddlers busy?

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