Can my Baby Sleep Through the Night Peacefully?

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Being a new mom is challenging, and having to wake up numerous times at night can be exhausting. The first week of a newborn is the most difficult, and they can’t sleep through the night for certain reasons.

  1. Why can’t my baby sleep peacefully through the night?
  2. How to help your baby sleep better at night

Why can’t my baby sleep peacefully through the night?

  • Feeding: All newborns need to wake up every 2-3 times for feeding because their tummies are small to hold much milk. If your baby sleeps much, you need to wake them up for feeding. At this stage, milk is the only food that helps them healthy, and grow.
  • Bedtime Routine: The mindset of the baby isn’t like that of an adult, they need to know that it is time to sleep now. How can you do that? You need to develop and establish a consistent bedtime routine.
  • Changing diaper: Whether your baby sleeps much or not, you need to schedule a time to change the baby’s diaper at night. I would advise that you check your baby’s diaper every time you feed them. This will help you to avoid waking up now and again and disturbing your little one.
  • Sickness or Teething: Babies are not always newborns, but they grow. As they grow, there would be a time when they would feel sick (flue) or teething and it won’t be a peaceful night for both of you. Be ready for that stage mommy!
  • Cuddling: Newborns like skin-skin affection with their parents. You many need to cuddle them so that they feel comfortable before falling asleep.

Postnatal depression is real. Getting enough sleep as a new mom is crucial. When your baby sleeps, try to take a nap too, or else you will become a moody mom unable to function well.

How to help your baby sleep better at night

  • Introduce pacifier: Try to introduce a pacifier at bedtime. This may also reduce the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It really helps to soothe the baby to fall asleep at bedtime.
  • Differentiate day & night: Help your baby to know the difference between day and night. During the day, try to keep everything light including his/her room. Make the baby more active by playing games and making noise. At night, you must keep the room dark and quiet. You must cuddle them instead of playing.
  • Cut down night feeding time: You can give the baby enough feed during the day to avoid waking them up a lot for a feed at night. But, make sure that you have the pediatrician’s advice before reducing night feed time.
  • Introduce bedtime routine: You can start introducing a bedtime routine to your baby. You can give them a calm bath, feed them, read stories, sing lullabies while massaging them, and cuddle them to sleep. You can also get them nice lullaby machines. As you start to be consistent with your bedtime routine, your baby will know bedtime.
  • Offer teething toys: When your baby starts teething, he/she will cry a lot. Introduce safe teething toys. If the teething stage disturbs his/her sleep, you ask for pediatrician advice or medication.
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